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The Help Me! ScreenBlackberry hidden menu image

The Help Me! screen is useful because it gathers key information about your device. It displays your A system version, battery level, wireless signal strength, and available storage.

To access the Help Me! screen:
1. Go to the Applications screen and press ALT+CAP+H.
2. To close the screen, choose the Close menu or press the back button.


The Event Log

The Event Log offers a view into system events that occur on your BlackBerry. It can also be a useful debugging tool to track down what might be going wrong with an application or service on your BlackBerry.

To access the Event Log:
1. Go to the home Applications screen and hold down the ALT key while entering the key sequence LGLG. After a second or two, the event log appears. Within the Event Log, you can click on the trackwheel to view more details about a given event, clear the log to reclaim some storage memory, or go into the Options menu to fine-tune the types of events that are logged.
2. To close the Event Log and return to your home screen, choose the Close menu.


The Signal Strength Display Mode

The standard signal strength display on a BlackBerry uses the familiar “five bars” graphic —the more bars you have, the better your signal strength (as shown in Figure 1-1). If you prefer more precision, however, you can have the signal strength display in actual numbers .

To change your signal strength display:
1. Go to the home Applications screen and hold down the ALT key while entering the key sequence NMLL.
2. To return to the standard graphical bar display, enter the same key sequence, ALT+NMLL.


Smart System Codes

You can obtain various types of information about your system by using smart system codes. Simply enter the code into any input field, and then press the Enter (or space) key.

Smart Code
1. myver -Displays the device/version
2. LD -Displays the local date
3. LT -Displays the local time
4. mysig -Displays the information you entered in the BlackBerry Options ➪ Owner screen
5. mypin -Displays your handheld’s PIN

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