Blackberry Shortcut keys

Shortcut Key Associated Main menu Application or Feature

  1. A -Address BookBlackberry shortcut keys
  2. R -Alarm Clock
  3. B -Browser
  4. U -Calculator
  5. L -Calendar
  6. C -Compose E-mail
  7. K -Keyboard Lock
  8. M -Messages
  9. D -Notes
  10. O -Options
  11. P -Phone
  12. F -Profiles
  13. V -Saved Messages
  14. S -Search
  15. T -Tasks
  16. W -WAP Bookmarks

Shortcut Keys in the Calendar Application

  1. A -Switch to Agenda view.
  2. M -Switch to Month view.
  3. D -Switch to Day view.
  4. W -Switch to Week view.
  5. G -Go to a specific date. A horizontal band pops up on the screen, enabling you to use the trackwheel to select the month, day, or year. You can then use the
    keyboard to modify the date component. Select the trackwheel again to jump to the specified date in the calendar. See Figure 1-5 for a screenshot of the Go To Date popup display.
  6. T -Go to the current date. Jump to the current date in your currently selected view.
  7. SPACE -Navigate to the next day, week, or month, depending on the current view.
  8. N -Navigate to the next day, week, or month, depending on the current view.
  9. C -Create a new appointment.
  10. ALT+trackwheel In Day, Week, and Agenda views, navigate forward or backward among the days of the week. In Month view, navigate forward or backward among the
    weeks in the month.

Shortcut Keys in the Calculator Application

  1. + (or L) Add
  2. – (or U) Subtract
  3. * (or A) Multiply
  4. / (or G) Divide
  5. ) (or Y) Clear Screen
  6. ( (or T) Clear Entry
  7. Return Calculate and Display Result
  8. V Square Root
  9. # Positive (Negative)
  10. I Add
  11. U Subtract
  12. A Multiply
  13. G Divide
  14. Y Clear Screen
  15. T Clear Entry
  16. Return Key Calculate and Display Result
  17. V Square Root
  18. # Positive (Negative)

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