Mobile optimised Retina ready

Server, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, iPod, Android, Windows, Car navigator screen, Big screen, Small screen or WHATEVER!!whatever the device orayans optimised

Mobile optimised is now 100% mobile optimised and fully responsive. Our new layout is designed using the latest web designing technologies available, and hosted on one of the best datacenter on earth, so that we can respond to your requests more quickly accurately securely, with Zero downtime.

Retina ready

We have recently re-designed and optimized our site for new high quality retina devices which posses four times the amount of pixels that a HD television has. Therefore now you can visit our site using your new mac book pro, iPhone or iPad without loosing the quality of one single pixel . Orayans is the first Sri Lankan web site 100% optimised for retina displays.

Enjoy your visit..! To know more about the latest web technologies and apply them to your corporate or personal site contact us.


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