SMS Messaging System


The more you’re able to keep interaction going with the customer, the higher the response rate you’ll be likely to get and your business will grow with loyal customers. Short Message Service (SMS)/ Text messaging is a value added to your business, and its affordable !

Our sms messaging system is easy-to-use yet powerful SMS message broadcasting software for business / service/marketing. It allows you to send marketing & advertising SMS.

If differs from other desktop texting software which relies on an Internet SMS gateway. Instead, use your existing mobile phone or GSM modem and connect it to the computer. The connection can be done via a USB data cable, serial data cable or Bluetooth COM port.

The Messaging System helps you manage your marketing campaigns and send customized messages to your target groups. Since SMS is fast and cost effectiveness, messages like promotion, reminder, alert, special notice or statement are well suited to be delivered by using SMS messaging system.
The Messaging System is a licensed based software.

1. Phone Book: Manage your contact list for sending SMS. You can view existing contact details and add new contacts to the phone book.
2. Special Message: Send personalized SMS content to each recipient by inserting data from the phone book.
3. Schedule based SMS: The system allows you to send SMS based on time or on demand using comma separated files.
4. Sent: User can view the SMS s sent to different recipients.
5. Schedule: User can add a new schedule to send SMS by giving schedule start date and time.
6. Settings: GSM modem / device settings (COM port and baud rate) can be set here.

Screen shots.

SMS Main Interface

Special Message

SMS Settings

Sent Items

SMS Schedule

Address Book

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